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Calm & Peace… Sorta

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Whaaaat’s happenin’, Peter?


Sittin’ on the balcony with the laptop… attempting to “do work”, approaching the midnight spot. Don’t you worry… I at least have a frosty one, thanks to Dave‘s stock in the fridge. Note to self… buy beers.

What else is happening? Some new events have occurred:

1) Wisconsin/Madison turned me on and spat me out. I’ve made it. Thanks to my extended family for co-intoxication festivities and graduation celebration mayhem.
2) I’ve been made aware that the month of June is going to be an ass-kicker. Not only am I working, but I have visitors and friends from afar attending the Windy City pretty much every weekend. Jay, Flip, Meinders (hopefully!), parents (re-scheduled for later), the ladies of Brown Bottle – Waterloo, Nathan, my other ex-roommate Brian, and probably a scattering of other Iowans. Also, the iPhone comes out. Money!?!? We don’t need no stickin’ MONEY!
3) I skipped a keg-infused gathering this evening due to extended hours needed for work-related accomplishments. Had to do it. Here’s what happened last time:

Keg Stand!

4) Having passed the monotony of getting established at the new place o’ employment and the semi-bleak Winter months in Chicago, I’ve either come upon a streak of dashing character improvement or perhaps acquired an increased motivation to start interacting with the feminine conscience once again. Refreshing? It’s been an interesting stretch recently, at least. We’ll see what becomes… of that.
5) The days are getting warmer and the nightlife is becoming more prone to be held out-of-doors. I’m very much excited to start hitting the biking paths and doing what I need to do to get my rear in shape to sit on a bike for 15-20 (~60/day) miles at a time. RAGBRAI is quickly approaching and I don’t want to be a bus rider for the whole week. It was kinda lame and you feel like you miss out on a lot when you don’t bike & interact along the route.

This is about it… the L is starting to get a little too loud at this time of night, so I’m headin’ for bed. l8rzzz *sleep*

Transformers Trailer Time

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Transformers Logo

Seriously, folks… the CGI that’s put into this new piece of filmwork is pretty freakin’ amazing. Check out the latest n’ greatest trailer here:

It sounds like there’s going to be a lot of the original, gen1 Autobots, but the Decepticons will be a mix of the gen1 and gen2 robots. THEY EVEN INCLUDED THE FUNKY TRANSFORMING SOUND! RULLLLEEEEEE! There’s no speaking by the robots in the trailer, but it’s going to be included in the movie… watch this to get that info and the robots that will be in the movie here:

Here’s a couple more if you need some background on the opposing forces:

OK… off to Madison for my cousin’s college graduation party. Talk to ya on Sunday or Monday!

++Maternal Prop[er]z++

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t you worry, I’ve already called mine today. The parentals had traveled to Charles City (20 miles away from Osage) at the noon hour to have some Dairy Queen. I was thinking about ice cream last night. Then Dave & Megan came back with some Baskin-Robbins from across the street a while ago. Hmmm… might have to go get some.

Looptopia occurred on Friday. MFchicago threw quite a big bash at the Sullivan Dock (formerly the Carson Pirie Scott store) where DJ Paul Johnson headlined. It was so packed in this loading dock area in an alley that they had to slow the music to tell people to scoot back. It was pretty crazy.

Rockford Citizen Influx & Retreat

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Wellllll… it’s Sunday.  It was a wild/wacky weekend with a LOT of activity.  What happened, you ask?  Let me try to outline quickly:

  • Did Keg Stands
  • Mary visited from the North Central section of Illinois
  • Ate @ Starfish
  • Attended Improv Olympic
  • Went to Cubs/Nats Game
  • Ate @ Bar Louie
  • Attended Beer on the Pier
  • Watched movies
  • Consumed wine, sparkling wine, light beer, dark beer, Zima, Jameson, Rumplemintz and a bunch of crazy good food.

So that happened.  I had fun and I hope Mary had a good time getting the Chicago tour.

Tomorrow:  back to the grind.  Closed a killer deal on Friday, so that made the weekend a pretty good deal.  Hope to get a couple more of those under my belt in the coming months, but we’ll see what happens.  There may be some crazy changes coming along in the business structure, so a shift in my position’s description may be imminent.

Anyway… bedtime.  Talk to you soon!

Hump _/\_ Day

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Ahhh Wednesday… you are so… “there”. I suppose? Halfway to the completion of the work week, yet still 2 1/2 days to go. Or 2. Whatever. ANYWAYZZ… this brings up important points. I’ve said “to Hell” with continuous posts regarding WTFOMGBBQ we did/are-doing/plan-on-doing over the course of every weekend and have changed the “Events” section to the WeekEnder℠ section. Yes, that’s a service mark. No, I’m probably NOT using it correctly. Bite me.

To make up for monotonous or redundant Horse_Hooey, I shall instead make you chucklez: