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Just because I appreciate the Oakland Raiders as a team, does that mean I have to appreciate Pirates over Ninjas? Just a thought… throwin’ it out there to discuss and debate.

Your favorite team that touts the Black Hole shall be taking the field under new supervision this season.

/feigns shock & awe
/kicks Art Shell straight in the crotchular region
/tries to remove said appendage from massive crevice

Mr. Lane Kiffin will be calling the shots from the sidelines (with extra-special supervision from Grandpa Davis, of course). Kiffin assumed the role at the ripe age of 31 in January. 31. The age of the me. Yes, he will be the youngest-ever coach in the NFL, but HE’S MY AGE. Eff me. I’m old.


Other valid points about this year’s squad:

Holy Sweet Sam Hell, that’s hot news! While I appreciate that Drew Tate took Russell to town in the 2004 Capital One Bowl, I also don’t see Tate’s ass (welcome to the CFL) being signed by an NFL team this year.

So, in conclusion, we have a worthless quarterback (Dante Culpepper), backed up by a rookie (Russell), the youngest and most inexperienced coach in the League of National Football (Kiffin) and really the only thing we have going for us is that our “Spirit Squad” is still allowed to date players. So the players actually have that to look forward to… *sigh*.

Anyway… sleepy time. Go Raiders!

P.S. More funny stuff here: http://thehaternation.blogspot.com/

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