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What makes the Drew tick, you may ask yourself… I’ve had a stretch of time to think about this lately, and I felt I should get it down on “paper”:

  • Reading – I finally picked up a book about a week ago and finished it last night.  I haven’t read a book since I rode the El train to work out in Rosemont.  Sad.  Need to start doing this more often.
  • Baseball – Live preferably, but TV works, too.  With friends.  Yelling at the players.
  • Traveling – So many places I want to go.  Europe (Germany/UK/Ireland), Tampa, Florida (to see Stick), Miami, Florida (Winter Music Conference in March), Arizona (to see Jen / Spring Training), Oakland, CA (to see the A’s play), but the ultimate would be Ibiza, Spain (a small island off the Southeast coast of Spain).
  • Going to see new DJ’s – I haven’t been to a club JUST to see the DJ in months.  The last time was probably Judge Jules in November of last year. *sigh* I have seen a couple since (DJ Rap, Christopher Lawrence @ Sound-Bar), but it wasn’t planned or as good.
  • Taking Pictures – It would be nice to have a bigger and better SLR digital camera & be able to take classes.  The photo gallery now has over 6500 pictures.
  • Sleep – I don’t get enough.  As I’m sitting here, it’s already 12:10 a.m. and I need to get up around 7:30 at least.  That’s not 8 hours.

Speaking of that… I’m going to bed.  I’ll probably add more to this list soon via post-editing.  More to come later…

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