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I’ve decided, once again this fall, throughout the intimidating semi-frigid swings, that I still hate cold weather. I don’t think it’s in my blood to live in the northern states. I should probably move to Florida. Stick, get the couch in Tampa ready!

Talking about Stick, I thought you all might appreciate this one:

In other sectors, our internet connection in our building pretty much blows. I think all 26 floors are utilizing the same 56K dial-up connection to the machine shed in Sumner, IA. *sigh* My attempt at watching Heroes (second half from last week/all from last night) and the flow of video-bearing packets is being blatantly slowed/denied by the quasi-wonderful, yet free, intarwebz we receive here in “home sweet home”. /pukes, yet continues to watch infinitely-pausing video feed

ANYWAY… Erin says this post needs meat, so here’s all I’ve got:

serious business

I’m going to sit here and watch some more Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV, since our internet continues to suck. It even crashed Firefox because it couldn’t handle the video stream. Thank Dog for WordPress Blog that saves your work!


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