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No Sandals? No raves? I’m screwed on both counts. *BIG_sigh*

The weekend has gone into hyper-sleepy-mode after grand eventz & company outingz on Thursday night. I got a full 8 hours of rest&relaxation in this early-to-late morn, which did wonders to the psyche. Planning on doing more of the same throughout tonight and tomorrow. It’s been a long 2-3 weeks, considering the visitation by Dr. Adam Ryan and Chili_Fest during the extended weekend last week and having Marty in town from the western reaches of the states the weekend before. Fun? HELLZ yes! Taxing/worth it? Friendly visits definitely turn into late nights and empty pockets, but the visits are more than your average Iowa weekend in Thee Olde Trenches, considering the greater number of pictures absorbed by pix.drewzilla.org here and here!

Not to mention, this week included a visit to “Broadway in Chicago” in the form of Phantom of the Opera.  Cadillac Theater was the setting for said excursion at Randolph & Clark, which was organized Dave and included about 7 of the closest associates.  The portion pre-break was lyrical and soothing, during which I decided to let my eyelids droop a bit (DOH!), but just-before&post-break action created a bit of an upturn.  This is not to say the show was the reasoning [note: sleepless nights have been occurring].  The show was most definitely a very different experience than most outings and the show overall was quite intriguing, as I had never seen it before.  Dave, killer idea.  We gotta do that stuff more often.

Anyway… it’s Saturday night and I’m at home, so I’m going to continue watching the House of Animals, circa 1978.  Maybe I’ll throw in some Fight Club next.  Excitement squared, right? WHEEEEEEEEE!

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