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Today was another day in the wait for results.  My time is being spent between Caribou Coffee, random meetings with previous coworkers, sending my resume around to everyone I know and a lot of web surfing.  I haven’t yet hit the wall, in terms of feeling worthless, which is good.  Hopefully I’ll land it before hitting that barrier.  Gotta stay positive, yo!

Otherwise, weekend was fairly uneventful.  Traveled to Springfield, VA to meet up with college roommate, his wife and daughter for a birthday celebration in the burbs on Saturday afternoon, then met up with roommates in Adams Morgan.  Fairly uneventful.  Giant pizza slice was consumed post haste in the cab on the way home.  Today = movie/chill day.

Hopefully bigger news to come tomorrow!  Check ya then…

BTW, have you ever checked out the real Couch Surfing site?  CLICK HERE

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