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ohhh… It’s a Crazy World We’re Livin’ In…

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Senator Kerry Endorsement – “Kiss of Death”?

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Well, it’s happened.  Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), today, got up in front of a rally in Charleston, South Carolina and gave a full run-down of exactly why he will be supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Nomination and Presidential Election:

Here’s the video of Obama’s speech today (forward to 4:00 mark):

Interesting stuff…

Third Time’s the Charm…

Friday, January 11th, 2008

If you don’t nail it the first two times, don’t sweat it (even tho you continue to kill the bunny)! It took me 3 tries. A huge thanks to my friend Chux for that one.

And while we’re at it… how about some more bunnies?

A funny movie clip from collegehumor:

I’m home, starting off a wonderful weekend by being achy/coughy/sore throat/congested. Fun fun. Thanks 2 everyone for making this a possibility. *sigh*

No plans for the weekend this time. Need to recuperate and chill for a weekend. Considering how I feel now, I probably won’t make it off the couch.

Upper/Middle New EngLAND Primaries

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Ahh it appears that we have entered the time for enhanced political exchanges & events.  The candidates have been positioning themselves over the recent months with an abundance of TV/print/internet advertisements (as personally experienced during holiday visits to the parentals).  With the Iowa Caucuses gone by already, the New Hampshire Primaries happening tonight and the upcoming events still to happen, we should have plenty of political debates & votes to feed the fire until the popular vote 11 months from now.

Hillary’s taken this one ( today in NH by a 2-3% margin.
Obama took Iowa ( by 9% over Hillary.

It’s all a toss-up.  Who knows, but I’m pretty excited to see a change from our current predicament.

In other news, The Goose finally made it into the Hall of Fame:
Congrats, Goose.  Only the fifth reliever in the HOF.  Damn!

Off to sleepy land.  I’ve gotta be productive tomorrow!

New Yearz, Birthing Celebrations & Religous Entity Comedy

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Do those 3 things go together? Just stick with the resounding “YES!”.

Firstly, Hogs n’ Honeys (NYE – 12/31 into 01/01) was actually bearable, considering the number of close friends that were present. Pictures, you say? Surely! Click each to expand into a new window.

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Secondly, my birthday occurred this weekend. We celebrated by going to Sound-Bar on Friday night. Tons of friends, lots of free booze + ended up at Melrose Diner for fine 3 a.m. dining. More pictures? I SUPPOSE.

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

To wrap it up, the following is required purchase material, as well as bringing the Lord Jesus into my soul for all eternity… in exchange for a PS3, of course. hahahaha

Misappropriation of the Wii:

Required clothing addition:

And finally, we shall be attending “There Will Be Blood” on February 1st:

There Will Be Blood