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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


Hey, Broskie. Two Heinekens! All my boys are comin’ out… they all got the same haircut. Fu%#@n Skanks! Yeah, this colla’s popped!

That is my destiny @ some swank Tampa/Ybor bar this weekend. “Not now, Chief, I’m in the zone.”

Jagerbombs. And this:

Tampa Sunset

Tampa Night

Libraries are for Winners

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

And by winners, I mean me. I am now the proud owner of one Chicago Library System card. It has my name on it and everything. I’ve joined the ranks of the free literary-slash-motion-picture review crowd. I was able to borrow 2 movies and 2 books. I got the movie “American Dream“, which was all about the unsuccessful employee strike at the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota (about 30 miles from my hometown) during the mid-80’s. I also got “Repo Man“, which was a sci-fi punk-music thriller from 1984, about Emilio Estevez’s character joining the repossession work force and finding a car with a secret in the trunk. In the book department, I brought home Jimmy Carter’s “Beyond the White House” and since “Oil! A Novel” from Upton Sinclair wasn’t in, I got “The Jungle” while I wait for the return.

In other [insert your term for worthless here] news, Heidi Montag (from The Hills fame) frolics on the beach and pitches here new single here (click for the rest):

Heidi Montag

Because you care. Don’t lie.

In other solid news: Barack Obama’s rise to the Democratic nominee for president continues with a sweep of weekend nominations, taking Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine, which has now vaulted him into the lead over the Hilldawg. At least on Not so much on He also seems to have the advantage over McCain.

As a final note, has now been renewed, so keep an eye on it for upcoming changes and improvements!  Dave and I are about to put on some weight, looks like!

Another week of excitement & extreme dedicated hosting sales begin yet again tomorrow. Early. Wish me luck!

New Yearz, Birthing Celebrations & Religous Entity Comedy

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Do those 3 things go together? Just stick with the resounding “YES!”.

Firstly, Hogs n’ Honeys (NYE – 12/31 into 01/01) was actually bearable, considering the number of close friends that were present. Pictures, you say? Surely! Click each to expand into a new window.

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Secondly, my birthday occurred this weekend. We celebrated by going to Sound-Bar on Friday night. Tons of friends, lots of free booze + ended up at Melrose Diner for fine 3 a.m. dining. More pictures? I SUPPOSE.

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

Hogs n' Honeys

To wrap it up, the following is required purchase material, as well as bringing the Lord Jesus into my soul for all eternity… in exchange for a PS3, of course. hahahaha

Misappropriation of the Wii:

Required clothing addition:

And finally, we shall be attending “There Will Be Blood” on February 1st:

There Will Be Blood

Ye Medicine of Olde

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

The classical attributes of the medical profession:

My fave:  morphine to sooth the troubles of baby teething.  Pure comedy.

Saturday At The Palace of Home Movies *snorez*

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

No Sandals? No raves? I’m screwed on both counts. *BIG_sigh*

The weekend has gone into hyper-sleepy-mode after grand eventz & company outingz on Thursday night. I got a full 8 hours of rest&relaxation in this early-to-late morn, which did wonders to the psyche. Planning on doing more of the same throughout tonight and tomorrow. It’s been a long 2-3 weeks, considering the visitation by Dr. Adam Ryan and Chili_Fest during the extended weekend last week and having Marty in town from the western reaches of the states the weekend before. Fun? HELLZ yes! Taxing/worth it? Friendly visits definitely turn into late nights and empty pockets, but the visits are more than your average Iowa weekend in Thee Olde Trenches, considering the greater number of pictures absorbed by here and here!

Not to mention, this week included a visit to “Broadway in Chicago” in the form of Phantom of the Opera.  Cadillac Theater was the setting for said excursion at Randolph & Clark, which was organized Dave and included about 7 of the closest associates.  The portion pre-break was lyrical and soothing, during which I decided to let my eyelids droop a bit (DOH!), but just-before&post-break action created a bit of an upturn.  This is not to say the show was the reasoning [note: sleepless nights have been occurring].  The show was most definitely a very different experience than most outings and the show overall was quite intriguing, as I had never seen it before.  Dave, killer idea.  We gotta do that stuff more often.

Anyway… it’s Saturday night and I’m at home, so I’m going to continue watching the House of Animals, circa 1978.  Maybe I’ll throw in some Fight Club next.  Excitement squared, right? WHEEEEEEEEE!

November Approaches…

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I’ve decided, once again this fall, throughout the intimidating semi-frigid swings, that I still hate cold weather. I don’t think it’s in my blood to live in the northern states. I should probably move to Florida. Stick, get the couch in Tampa ready!

Talking about Stick, I thought you all might appreciate this one:

In other sectors, our internet connection in our building pretty much blows. I think all 26 floors are utilizing the same 56K dial-up connection to the machine shed in Sumner, IA. *sigh* My attempt at watching Heroes (second half from last week/all from last night) and the flow of video-bearing packets is being blatantly slowed/denied by the quasi-wonderful, yet free, intarwebz we receive here in “home sweet home”. /pukes, yet continues to watch infinitely-pausing video feed

ANYWAY… Erin says this post needs meat, so here’s all I’ve got:

serious business

I’m going to sit here and watch some more Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV, since our internet continues to suck. It even crashed Firefox because it couldn’t handle the video stream. Thank Dog for WordPress Blog that saves your work!


Rainy Halloween Weekend

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

It’s pretty rainy here on this Friday eve/Saturday morn:



I’m just hangin’ at the pad tonight… no going out this weekend for me. I’m sure there will be plenty of boozing, but I’m just not a very big Halloween fan… never have been, really.


Busy as hell lately at work… some long hours being input and ongoing development being completed, of course. Not much else to mention, so I’ll get out the newest Dr. Tran for ya.

Check ya later!


Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

big boat

Erin says she’s buying me one. Just FYI. As soon as she wins the lotto, we’re goin’ cruisin’, peeps!

A couple others you may appreciate:

Trent <3’s Big Labels
XM Radio – Channel BPM

Ye Rebel Pirates… Arghhh!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Just because I appreciate the Oakland Raiders as a team, does that mean I have to appreciate Pirates over Ninjas? Just a thought… throwin’ it out there to discuss and debate.

Your favorite team that touts the Black Hole shall be taking the field under new supervision this season.

/feigns shock & awe
/kicks Art Shell straight in the crotchular region
/tries to remove said appendage from massive crevice

Mr. Lane Kiffin will be calling the shots from the sidelines (with extra-special supervision from Grandpa Davis, of course). Kiffin assumed the role at the ripe age of 31 in January. 31. The age of the me. Yes, he will be the youngest-ever coach in the NFL, but HE’S MY AGE. Eff me. I’m old.



R.A.G.B.R.A.I. 2007

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen… we’ve made it. Another year of RAGBRAI under our belts and we’re all still friends (or we will be again after about a week or two… hahah).

What’s R.A.G.B.R.A.I. you ask? Well, let me explain… it’s the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa and it 0WNZ to the max. Our team is Team Spoke Easy. It’s a little play on the Chicago Speak Easy idea. Our gear and paraphernalia all has Capone with a cigar and a biking helmet: