This section will map out the events that I’m aware of/attending that require planning and preparedness. Maybe. OK, most likely. Screw it, we’ll wing it.

Don’t worry, for the DJ and club stuff, I’ll only post the stuff that I, myself, would attend and feel is worthy of my time. House/Trance/Ambient elitist? I believe we established that a LOOONG time ago. All links should be clickable.



22nd – Wednesday – Pete Tong @ SpyBar Chicago



29th – SaturdayThe Crystal Method @ Vision Chicago Pre-Sale Tickets Price: $20.00 / VIP Tickets Price: $30.00 / Pre-Sale Ends: 7:00 PM CST – 11/29/2008 / Ages: 21+

You will note that this section will become more and more populated as more dates become available. Any questions/comments/concerns/requests can be sent HERE.