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Hey, Broskie. Two Heinekens! All my boys are comin’ out… they all got the same haircut. Fu%#@n Skanks! Yeah, this colla’s popped!

That is my destiny @ some swank Tampa/Ybor bar this weekend. “Not now, Chief, I’m in the zone.”

Jagerbombs. And this:

Tampa Sunset

Tampa Night

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Five separate school shootings at Universities over the past week. Five. It’s starting to be a dangerous business going to college. This scares me because I hope it doesn’t start deterring kids from gaining post-high-school education. My college years were some of the best of my life.


Why? Because of this:


Want some laughs after that?


Or, you can laugh at me:

Good night!

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And by winners, I mean me. I am now the proud owner of one Chicago Library System card. It has my name on it and everything. I’ve joined the ranks of the free literary-slash-motion-picture review crowd. I was able to borrow 2 movies and 2 books. I got the movie “American Dream“, which was all about the unsuccessful employee strike at the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota (about 30 miles from my hometown) during the mid-80’s. I also got “Repo Man“, which was a sci-fi punk-music thriller from 1984, about Emilio Estevez’s character joining the repossession work force and finding a car with a secret in the trunk. In the book department, I brought home Jimmy Carter’s “Beyond the White House” and since “Oil! A Novel” from Upton Sinclair wasn’t in, I got “The Jungle” while I wait for the return.

In other [insert your term for worthless here] news, Heidi Montag (from The Hills fame) frolics on the beach and pitches here new single here (click for the rest):

Heidi Montag


Because you care. Don’t lie.

In other solid news: Barack Obama’s rise to the Democratic nominee for president continues with a sweep of weekend nominations, taking Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine, which has now vaulted him into the lead over the Hilldawg. At least on msnbc.com. Not so much on cnn.com. He also seems to have the advantage over McCain.

As a final note, sandwichesofchicago.com has now been renewed, so keep an eye on it for upcoming changes and improvements!  Dave and I are about to put on some weight, looks like!

Another week of excitement & extreme dedicated hosting sales begin yet again tomorrow. Early. Wish me luck!

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It’s Vigo . Period. Get used to it.

We (Dave, Travis & I) sat and watched about 6-7 hours of MSNBC coverage of Super Tuesday viewing greatness. Super Delegates, Obama, Romney, HillBilly, McCain, Ron Paul, Kucinich, his wife (?) etc etc etc. Barack’s speaking now. He’s so suave. His tone is so rhythmic. All you want to do is say “Amen” after every one of his sentences, due to his spot-on views and standpoints.

Read the rest of this entry …

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This is me caring who won the Super Bowl.

Seriously. It was a worthless east coast matchup and the only thing I really wanted to see was Brady removed from the game due to being a pretty boy, or the Patriots getting crushed after a loss-less season. No gigantic loss, but at least the Giants took em’ down a peg to demoralize them. Want the funny? Hellz yes, you do!


The party at the Horowitz pad went over very well, as it has for the last 2 before. Always a good time over at that place with the huge amount of food and booze. I made Travis & Erin do shots of Crown. pwn3d.

So it’s Tuesday. I’m sitting on hold with VMware. I’ve been sitting here for ~20 minutes so far. Small-to-Medium Business sales kick ass by their measures, obviously. I rate their customer service so far at about a 3.2 on a scale of 10. Please make me wait longer. It’s like their Palo Alto, California office was wiped off the face of the planet and only the voice-answering-system was left to function, just so that it can tell me to continue to hold every 2.5 minutes.

Not only is it Tuesday, but it’s SUPER Tuesday + FAT Tuesday.  So go out and vote, but don’t forget to wear your beads at the same time.  I was able to cast my ballot this morning before work for Mr. Obama, along with another 10-12 judges I could really care less about.  That committeeman Gillis should be a shoe-in!  That’s funny, you see, as he was the only possibility on my ballot for that office.  Congrats!

Update: I just gave up after 45 minutes on hold with VMware and hit # to leave a message. Will I hear back? Doubtful. My last email message submitted via the site last week was disregarded, obviously. *SIGH*

Second Update:  Ron from VMware just called back.  He gave me a bunch of pricing outlines, but it was quite confusing and he gave no recommendations and didn’t push anything in making a purchasing decision right away.  That company really needs some Sales & Customer Service help over there… sheesh.

Anyway… back to it.   Wish me luck?

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Nic Fanciulli - Zentra


I’m thinking this event might be a worthwhile cause for staying out late on a Thursday night. Any takers? I’ve already RSVP’d for free at http://www.exactevents.com/event.php?event_id=7229. Should be a good time!

This weekend was filled yet again with lethargic inertness. Movies were consumed, a reconstruction of the closet (potential eBay material having been removed) was undertaken, and general indolent behavior was presented. However, I became active [read: bored!] enough enough to walk about 8 blocks over to Paddy’s new living quarters at Lake & Dearborn, which was pleasantly colorful and soared above a good amount of the city’s buildings (26th floor). The weekend was non-productive, sans the field trip, overall, though.

Dad had to go to the VA Hospital in Des Moines for a follow-up this week due to the doctors hearing something “odd” in the echocardiogram that they gave him during a checkup last week. They thought his mechanical heart valve may have leakage around the outside. He said that they may have had to do another open-heart-surgery to repair it, but it appears that there is just a lot of calcium build-up. From Wikipedia: Excess calcium may contribute to a buildup of calcium in the veins. Excess calcium can cause a magnesium deficiency, and magnesium can reduce excess calcium. I have a feeling the doctors are aware of this, however. Dad’s still kickin’ ass at 70, so they’ve done him well up to this point, after having the mech-heart-valve for 12 years. Phil’s a fighter!

The first of June is when our lease is up.  Do I stay downtown, or do I move back to the north side?  That right there is the question I’ve been debating recently.  I know it’s still 4 months away, but it’s something that should be figured out.  I hate money.  *sigh*

Anywayssss… that’s about all I got right now.  I’ll be sure to update ya’ll on the eBay goodies and (perhaps) pics of Nic Fanciulli as they become available.

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Well, it’s happened.  Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), today, got up in front of a rally in Charleston, South Carolina and gave a full run-down of exactly why he will be supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Nomination and Presidential Election:


Here’s the video of Obama’s speech today (forward to 4:00 mark):


Interesting stuff…

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If you don’t nail it the first two times, don’t sweat it (even tho you continue to kill the bunny)! It took me 3 tries. A huge thanks to my friend Chux for that one.

And while we’re at it… how about some more bunnies?


A funny movie clip from collegehumor:


I’m home, starting off a wonderful weekend by being achy/coughy/sore throat/congested. Fun fun. Thanks 2 everyone for making this a possibility. *sigh*

No plans for the weekend this time. Need to recuperate and chill for a weekend. Considering how I feel now, I probably won’t make it off the couch.

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Ahh it appears that we have entered the time for enhanced political exchanges & events.  The candidates have been positioning themselves over the recent months with an abundance of TV/print/internet advertisements (as personally experienced during holiday visits to the parentals).  With the Iowa Caucuses gone by already, the New Hampshire Primaries happening tonight and the upcoming events still to happen, we should have plenty of political debates & votes to feed the fire until the popular vote 11 months from now.

Hillary’s taken this one (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22551718/) today in NH by a 2-3% margin.
Obama took Iowa (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/03/iowa.caucuses/index.html) by 9% over Hillary.

It’s all a toss-up.  Who knows, but I’m pretty excited to see a change from our current predicament.

In other news, The Goose finally made it into the Hall of Fame:  http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/hof08/news/story?id=3186626
Congrats, Goose.  Only the fifth reliever in the HOF.  Damn!

Off to sleepy land.  I’ve gotta be productive tomorrow!